Regular Season Week 1

Crennel Conference Quotes, Sept 5

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OPENING STATEMENT: “We’re excited for another work day here today. The game is getting closer every day, so I think that we’re beginning to feel the urgency. We had a tough practice on Monday because they were coming off a couple days off and it was hot and humid, but they worked hard at it. So today, we’re going to put on the pads and have a similar kind of practice as we prepare. Today is still going to be some first and second down, a touch of third down since we had basically an extra day on Monday to do that. It seems like most of the guys are trying to get ready to play. Some of them are out there doing a little bit more. For instance, [Brandon] Flowers is going to try to do a little bit more. Derrick Johnson is going to try to do a little bit more, and he is looking halfway decent. That’s encouraging that the guys want to play and are going to try to play. I think they are getting ready and want to do good. That’s been the focus, trying to get better so that we can put a good product on the field on Sunday. I had to put this depth chart out, so I listed two starting running backs on the depth chart. I did not list a fullback, but two starting running backs. I could have listed two starting tight ends or I could have listed three starting wide receivers, I could have listed two starting quarterbacks, I could have listed an offensive lineman at a tight end, but I thought that listing two starting running backs would be the way to go, so I feel pretty good about that.”


RANDY COVITZ (KANSAS CITY STAR): Who’d you list in Tamba Hali’s spot?


CRENNEL: “[Andy] Studebaker.”


COVITZ: We know he’s not Tamba, but what have you seen in this guy who has made his way from Division III football to the NFL?


CRENNEL: “First of all, Andy is a very smart player, he is a very conscientious player, studies the game plan, works hard and then when given the opportunity, he goes in and plays and produces. All of those things are valuable to us and also valuable to him because that allows him to stay on the team. A Division III guy coming and making it in pro football is a pretty good thing.”


ADAM TEICHER (KANSAS CITY STAR): You said more for Flowers and Johnson today at practice. Can you define more? Is that a full role?


CRENNEL: “No, just whatever they can do. They haven’t been able to do much at all, so if they can do anything, that’s more. I’m just excited that they’re out there trying to do something.”


TEICHER: What about some of your other guys? Anthony Toribio?


CRENNEL: “Toribio, no he’s not going to be doing anything. He’s going to be on the bike.”


TEICHER: Allen Bailey?


CRENNEL: “Bailey is going to be on the bike.”


TEICHER: Jalil Brown?


CRENNEL: “He’s going to try to do something, yeah. He tried to do something Monday. He’s going to try to see if he can do more.”


TEICHER: Cyrus Gray?


CRENNEL: “He’s going to try to do more. He did everything Monday, I thought.”


TEICHER: Will you use Jamaal Charles to win a game on Sunday? You’ll give him as much work as you feel necessary to win the game?


CRENNEL: “Yeah, definitely. See, the good thing about that is I’ve got this guy named [Peyton] Hillis who also can go in the game, and I don’t think that we’ll be disappointed when Hillis goes into the game, so that’s the good thing about that.”


DAVE SKRETTA (ASSOCIATED PRESS): Do you have any idea of how you want to split carries between those two or is that dictated by how the game is going?


CRENNEL: “Just how we feel, how it’s going. And, that’s totally honest with you. You can’t say how a game is going to go. We go up there and we work all these hours at night and we put a game plan together, but if a play is not working, then you don’t keep calling that play. So, whatever is working, that’s what we’re going to call, and that’s why many times you look at that offensive call sheet that has so many plays on it because if they’re not working, then you’ve got something else to go to.”


TEICHER: Do you think in Jamaal Charles’ mind that he’s over the knee injury now or do you think that’s still a lingering issue for him?


CRENNEL: “I think you’d have to ask Jamaal about that. I don’t know his mind. All I know is he comes to practice, he puts on the pads and he does what we ask him to do.”


SKRETTA: What about the other two ACL guys?


CRENNEL: “Same thing. They’ve been out there practicing and everything we’ve asked them to do, they’ve done.”


LEIF LISEC (METRO SPORTS): Can you talk about the problems Tony Gonzalez causes a defense?


CRENNEL: “Tony is probably a future Hall of Famer. He’s got size, he’s got speed, he’s got hands, he’s got savvy and that poses a lot of problems, particularly with the other weapons that they have. If you double Tony, then you’re leaving other guys singled up. If you single Tony, Tony can get open, so you have to kind of pick your poisons and try to keep the opposing quarterback off-balance a little bit, give him a couple different things to look at.”


LISEC: Did he change the way tight ends were used?


CRENNEL: “He probably was the leading edge of that transition to pass-catching tight ends and being able to flex them out and use them almost like a wide receiver. But to do that, you’ve got to have that ability. You’ve got to have that tremendous ability – hand-eye coordination, great hands, that savvy about reading coverages and knowing how to get open and Tony has all of that.”


BOB GRETZ (BOBGRETZ.COM): Some guys couldn’t get open if they were on the field by themselves. With Tony, is it physical, mental or both that allows him to get open?


CRENNEL: “It’s both because you have to have the ability, but then you have to understand what the defense is trying to do to you and then how are you going to set up the defender to get yourself open. Tony has seen it all and he can get open.”


T.J. CARPENTER (SPORTS RADIO 810): What about your tight ends? How do you expect them to factor into the game plan?


CRENNEL: “We’re going to run it some and we’re going to throw it some, so if they know what routes they are running when it’s called, they have to read the defense, they have to read the coverage and then they have to know when to stop and hook up or when to keep moving, when to work away from a defender. If they will execute those things, then they’ll catch the balls that will come to them.”


GRETZ: Have you named captains for your team?


CRENNEL: “Not yet. We voted on it today and I will announce them to the team at the start of practice.”


TEICHER: So those are season captains as opposed to game-by-game?


CRENNEL: “Correct.”


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